Frequently Asked Questions

How is Emergency First Response different from classes offered by American Red Cross?  Our classes follow the same guidelines as the American Heart Association.  Emergency First Response is owned by PADI - the scuba organization - so the class contains the standard CPR, AED and/or First Aid but has a optional component for Emergency Oxygen and water related incidents.

Do you offer a BLS for Healthcare Provider?  We offer a standard CPR/AED and First Aid.  We do not offer the BLS course for nurse, doctors, etc.

How do I know if I need a BLS or standard course?  Your employee manual or employer should have guidelines if you are required to have certification.  As in the case of one dental hygienist, the requirement was that it must be a hands-on course - instead of online - and that the guidelines met or exceeded that of the American Heart Association.  Our course mets that standard but adds some related skills and scenerios to the course.  We do not offer the BLS course for nurse, doctors, etc.

When do you hold classes?  One thing that is unique about us, is that we match your schedule, so you tell us when.  Many of our classes are formed from people needing a class for a job hire, interview, the expiration date on their current card is near, or maybe they just want a private class.  We are available days and some evenings.  Once you choose a time, we can invite others if you wish.  Everyone shares the cost.

How long does the certification last?  All of our classes come with a 2-year certification.

How much are the classes?  We bill a set price for the 1st person and then add for each additional person.  Students share the overall cost equally.  Prices include book, supplies and 2-year certification.

Cost for CPR/AED Course:
Prices include the textbook and 2-year certification.
Private = $100
2 Students = $65 each
3 Students = $60 each
4 Students = $55 each
5 Students = $50 each
6 Students = $45 each
7 Students = $40 each
8 Students = $35 each

Cost for CPR/AED/First Aid Course
Prices include the textbook, supplies and 2-year certification.
Private = $140
2 Students = $90 each
3 Students = $75 each
4 Students = $70 each
5 Students = $65 each
6 Students = $60 each
7 Students = $55 each
8 Students = $50 each

Call 252-222-0444 to schedule your course.
A non-refunable deposit of 50% of total cost is required.

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